Short Stories

Short stories are where I let myself flex my eclectic, experimental, genre-bending muscles. Click on the cover art to get your copy. Happy reading!

What’s true when you can gaslight yourself?

Beaux clocks in for her usual boring shift at Royal Burger. But when her friend doesn’t show up for work and a series of disturbing visuals materialize, Beaux finds herself unable–or unwilling–to face the truth.

Some friendships are better when they’re over.

Best friends, Anne and Jesse, spent their young adult lives doing everything together, including dorm room makeup experiments that merge into big business. Except the multi-level marketing strategy they decided on is…questionable, and when Anne confronts Jesse about legitimizing the company, the worst fight of their lives ensues—altering their relationship forever. But one random night, inexplicably and magically, Jesse’s given the chance to make it right. Can she forfeit her life of luxury for an old friend, or will greed overwhelm her again?

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